Healthy Lifestyle on the Road

 Creating a healthy lifestyle while traveling includes managing your body with exercise and nutrition as well as having a healthy happy mindset.  Here are some of my favorite tips.

Dieting Problems: Why Facebook Makes It Worse

Should you post your #weightlossjourney on Facebook, Instagram and social media? Many experts believe Facebook & Instagram could ruin your diet and weight loss.   The stress of judgement from so called "friends" on these social media sites can cause people trying to...

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How to Prevent Catching Cold or Flu

It seems like everyone around me is either sick, getting sick, or recovering from being sick.  Short of staying home and being a hermit, how do you prevent catching cold or flu? In this video, I'll go over my Cold & Flu Prevention Kit.  I use these items to help...

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What is Krav Maga?

Ever get tired of just going to the gym?   I know I sure do.  One of my favorite ways keep myself active and mix things up is to take classes.  I recently started taking Krav Maga and I love how it mixes fitness in with self defense.  What is Krav Maga?  Krav Maga is...

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Avoid Weight Gain During The Holidays

During the holiday season, there are lots of parties, get togethers, and dinner.  And everywhere you turn, there will be tons of food, high calorie appetizers, and alcohol.   Most people gain anywhere from 2-3 pounds during the holiday season and doesn't lose it. ...

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Beginner Yoga for Stress Relief

With the holidays around the corner, things can get stressful pretty quickly.  Being stressed out is not only harmful for you mentally, but stress also causes weight gain.  Cortisol, the hormone your body release when you are stressed, causes an increase in appetite. ...

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Why Confidence is Sexy

Confidence is a really attractive quality in a man or a woman.  It doesn’t matter what size you are, whether you think you are attractive or not. Here is a real life example of why confidence is sexy. I was at a country bar with a group of co-workers when one of the...

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Benefits of Lean Muscle

I am always taking about building lean muscles in my workout videos, but today, I want to share with you the benefits of lean muscles.  The reason why you want to have lean muscles is to increase your metabolism.  Muscles consume more calories than fat. One pound of...

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Morning Quick Workout

Hi Healthy Living Junkies! One of the best ways to kick start your morning is to do a workout.  It starts your day off right, helping you stay motivated and make better food choices throughout the day.  Next time you are in a crunch for time and can't devote an hour...

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6 Reasons Why You Need A Hug

Hi Healthy Living Junkies! We all love hug, and they feel awesome but did you know hugs have been scientifically proven to be good for you?  Here are 6 Reasons why you need a hug!   6 Reasons Why You Need A Hug ❤   1.  Hugs allow physical interaction, building trust...

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