How to be productive during Covid19 requires some planning.  For those of us who have wanderlust, Covid19 has put a halt on our travel plans, interrupted our lives and put fear in our hearts.  Feeling stir crazy from social distancing and not having anywhere to go, it’s like being a hamster running in the wheel.  With most of us either working from home and spending more time at home than ever before, finding ways to entertain ourself often resorts to binge watching Netflix while daydreaming of live before Covid19.  Instead of just binge watching TV while expanding our waistline (let’s face it, who binge watches TV without snacks?!), here are some ways to satisfy the wanderlust and also be productive during Covid19.

  • Learn a New Language – Are you a wine lover with dreams of wandering the vineyard with a glass of red wine in your hands in Bordeaux, France? Does traveling to historical sites excite you as you step back in time visiting the Aztec ruins in the heart of Mexico?  How about seeing the temples in Thailand?  No matter where your wanderlust dreams may take you, speaking the local language is a great way to get more connected to the culture and enrich your experience on your travels. My favorite app for language is Duolingo, which has a great free program and many languages to learn including Spanish, Italian and Chinese Mandarin. Another great program is Busuu, which has less languages to learn on their platform but is more thorough. Both have a paid version as well. I’m currently learning to improve my Spanish, Chinese as well as French.  Learning a new language give me a sense of accomplishment and make me feel like I am being productive during Covid19.
  • Plan Your Next Trip: With all this extra time on our hands, start planning for your next escape.   Covid19 has severely impacted the travel industry since most of us are under quarantine and social distancing, but once things get back to normal, there will be amazing deals to travel.   Take this time to do research, join Facebook groups and learn more about your next global destination.  Whether you are wanting to book an epic cruise adventure to Alaska or explore the temples in Bali, you can be sure to get incredible discounts travel in the near future.
  • Explore the Great Outdoors: Social distancing during Covid19 means gone are the days of bar hopping and restaurant going, but there is still the great outdoors. Take a walk and listen to the sounds of birds, enjoy the cool breeze under the big blue sky and breath in the fresh air. Take advantage of the empty parking lots and go roller blading.  Dust off that bicycle and explore your own neighborhood.  Instead of driving, take the bike and run errands.   Not only will your body feel better from the exercise, but you will also get Vitamin D as well as serotonin, which is the feel good hormone. Serotonin helps boost your mood as well as create more calm and focus.
  • Try a new Receipe: One of my favorite things to do during my travels is eating the local foods.   Taking my taste buds on an adventure of flavors is one of the joys of traveling. Bring your inner chef to life by learning how to make new and delicious foods. Whether it is Tuna Poke or Thai Curry Chicken, now is a great time to try our some new recipes at home.  Plus, you can save money during Covid19 by not eating out while learning how to make new and exciting dishes.
  • Have a Cultural Submersion Night– Take the edge off of wanderlust and create a virtual travel experience at home. Bring out the inner child and use your imagination. Pick a favorite city or country and create an evening around it. For example, if you are missing the beauty of Italy, plays some Italian music as you cook or order in Italian food.   Have a glass of Chianti red wine and savor your meal. Watch Italian movies such as A Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn or the DaVinci Code. Or get the full experience by finding an Italian movie with subtitles.  Miss the vibrant life in Mexico?  Try cooking up some delicious fajitas on the grill while drinking margaritas.  Plays some salsa music and maybe even learn to dance watching YouTube salsa dancing videos?  Anything is possible.

Finding ways to be production during Covid19 while staying healthy both physically and mentally is the most important thing right now.  As we all figure this out together, it is more important than ever to stay calm, be kind, and take care of each other.  Take this time to slow it down, relax and enjoy the time off from our regular life.  Have a great tip on how to stay productive during Covid19?  Share with us in the comments below.  =)

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