Eating Healthy on the Road

A nutrition coach and self proclaimed “foodie”, trying to balance my love of trying new foods with fitting into my clothes is a constant battle.  After some trial and error, I’ve come up with some ways to prevent weight gain on the road, as well as some easy recipes to try.

Gluten Free Candy

Halloween is around the corner and there will be candy.  But if you are gluten sensitive, what candy is safe for you to eat?  If you are suffering from gluten allergies or gluten sensitivity, you are not alone.  About six percent of the US population, an estimate of...

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Easy Ahi Tuna Fish Recipes

Hi Healthy Living Junkies!   I love fish and I am always looking for easy fish recipes. Here is one of my personal favorite easy ahi tuna fish recipes from the island of Hawaii called "Poke".  Poke is made from ahi tuna, and is served raw.  If you like sushi, you will...

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Teriyaki Swordfish Salad

Hi Healthy Living Junkies!  Want a tasty way to eat your greens and get healthy omega 3's?  Try my new healthy teriyaki sword fish recipe.  A 3-ounce serving of grilled swordfish provides 108 milligrams of EPA, and 656 milligrams of DHA.  EPA and DHA are omega-3 fats...

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Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

Hi Healthy Living Junkies!   This is Annie and Andrea and we have a delicious healthy blueberry smoothie recipe for you.  It's our favorite blueberry smoothie recipe because not only does it taste amazing, it is incredibly good for you too! Blueberries are high in...

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Flu and Cold Prevention

Hi Healthy Living Junkies!  It is chilly outside and the flu and cold is going around.  Protect yourself from getting sick by taking some precautions.   Here are some flu and cold prevention tips.   Flu and Cold Prevention Tips   1)  Eat lots of fruits and...

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Best Carbs for Weight Loss

Hi Healthy Living Junkie, I know you hear out of information out there on carbs.  How can you tell what's  good carbs vs  bad carbs?   Simple.  If it can sit on the shelf for a long time, it is probably a bad carb.  Things like cookies, candy, muffins, refined pasta,...

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Why Eat Organic Foods

Hi Healthy Living Junkies!  This year,  eat healthier by buying more organic fruits and vegetables.  Here is why you should eat organic Foods.  Traditional fruits and vegetables are filled with pesticides and other harmful toxins, eliminating many health benefits from...

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Secret to Successful Weight Loss

Want to know the secret to weight loss success? It has nothing to do with what you eat or how you exercise; It has to do with how you think.  Your mind is a very powerful tool.  Believing you can lose the weight and having a positive attitude makes a HUGE difference...

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Why Sugar is Bad for You

Is sugar the new drug?  It’s white, powdery, and deadly.  Your body craves it and when you take it, you want more and more.   No I am not talking about cocaine; I am talking about sugar, the other white drug.   Sugar is bad because you crave it like a narcotic, giving...

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