Easy Korean Noodle Soup

Easy Korean Noodle Soup

Craving Korean food? Instead of ordering out, try out this easy Korean Noodle Soup recipe instead. You should have most items in your pantry. I like to use Kimchee in this noodle soup for flavor. Kimchee is fermented cabbage with korean spices and is very tasty. Kimchee (or kimchi) also is a great probiotic, aids with digestion, helps with weight management AND help boost your immune system. It is a staple in Korean food and is usually served as a side dish at every meal.

Since Covid19, most of us have been social distancing and trying to boost our immune system, so now is a great time to have kimchi. If you don’t have kimchee or don’t like kimchi, you can omit it and add in a couple of other ingredients instead.

I came up with this Korean noodle soup recipe when I was camping in Oregon. I was in my van and it was cold and wet. I was craving Korean noodle soup and since the closest Korean restaurant was 2 hours away, I decided to look in my fridge to see what I can make. This Korean Noodle Soup recipe is so easy I made it on my Coleman Camper Stove in the Van in less than 10 minutes.

Best of all, you just need one medium size pot so there is almost no dishes to wash!

Easy Korean Noodle Soup


Noodles (one serving) – You can use any noodles you have on hand
Vegetables – 1 to 2 cups (I prefer spinach or any leafy greens) 1 Egg (optional) Cauliflower rice – 1 cup (fresh or frozen)
Meat or seafood- (raw or cooked)
Soy Sauce
Sesame oil
Kimchee (optional)
Siracha (optional)
1 medium Tomato
Fresh Ginger

1) Put the noodles in the medium size pot.

2) Add water to fill about 2/3 of the pot and start to boil on medium heat.

3) Cut up tomato into pot.

4) Add in 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of ginger. I use scissors to cut it into tiny pieces directly into the pot. If you are using frozen cauliflower rice, add it in now.

5) Add soy sauce to taste. You can always add more at the end.

6) Add in meat or seafood (If you use raw meat, make sure it is thinly sliced)

7) Once the water begins to boil, put it in low heat. Add cauliflower rice.

8) Cook until the noodles are ready, usually total time of 8 to 10 mins or less. Check to make sure meat or seafood is cooked.

8) Add in raw egg and leafy vegetables and turn off heat. Stir in to soup

9) Add sesame oil and to taste

10) Add in kimchee. If you are not using kimchee, add in a little vinegar for flavor. Add siracha if you desire more spice.

11) Eat 😋

You can add in any kind of noodles and it’s a great way to use up left overs. Let me know what you think. 😁

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The Ugly Truth About Losing Weight

The Ugly Truth About Losing Weight

The weight loss journey is filled with happy moments, like stepping off the scale and seeing that magical number for the first time in years. But there are also many ugly truths about the weight loss journey people don’t often talk about. Here are 5 ugly truths about losing weight people don’t talk about and the silver lining.

1. Your Relationship will be Tested

Getting in shape makes you look better and feel sexier, but it may not strengthen your relationship with your significant other.  While your boyfriend or girlfriend may like your new look, he or she could also feel jealous or even threatened by the attention you receive.  A study from North Carolina State University in 2013 found while losing 60 lbs or more in 2 years or less often improved a couple’s relationship, the dieter’s partner would occasionally feel jealous or threatened.  The reason why your partner may feel this way is because they may fear there is a shift in balance in the relationship caused by your new body confidence. 

There’s a saying in the fitness world that goes “Couples who workout together, stay together.”   Going on a journey, whether it is a vacation or a weight loss journey, can create a stronger bond between couples when they do it together.  Additionally, success rates are much higher when your significant other is supportive in your weight loss process.   

Keep in mind your relationship with your friends may also changes as well.

weight loss can change your relationship

2. Friends (and even family) may try to sabotage your progress.

Once you start losing some weight, people, usually our friends and family, may feel threatened by your progress or subconsciously sabotage your progress .

“Why aren’t you more?”

“Don’t you like my cooking?”

“I made this just for you.”

“You are so skinny now… it’s okay to have another piece of cake.”

We have all heard those words before.

During your weight loss journey, the people closest to us may try to sabotage your progress.  They may try to get you to eat more or tease you.  Often times, they may do it out of love or even habit.  Imagine going to your parents’ house and Mom made your favorite dessert.  When you tell her no, Mom gets her feelings hurt and says, “But I made this especially for you.” 

Or, you are at lunch with your co-workers and they may tell you to “splurge a little… it’s only one meal.”  “Take a bite,” or “Just have another drink with us” can set you back tremendously in your weight loss journey. 

Friends and family may try to sabotage your weight loss progress

Here are a few ways to handle this.  If someone make a special meal or treat just for you, say,  “I really appreciate how you go out of your way to make such a special meal for me.  You have always been so supportive and welcoming when I come over.  Thank you again for always making me feel special by making my favorite foods when I come over.   I’m making an effort to eat healthier for my health and I am counting on your support as well.”  

Or tell them ahead of time you are coming over for a meal and offer to bring a something healthy over.  If you are going out to dinner, suggest a restaurant with healthy options.  If your friends try to peer pressure you, try this approach “I am making an effort to eat healthier.  You guys have always been such a great circle of support for me in the past, encouraging me when I am feeling down.  I am really going to need your support in my efforts to eat healthier.  Thanks again for always being there for me. ”

When you communicate in a way that puts their reputation on the line, they will want to live up to it and not disappoint you.   

If your friend and family continue to try to peer pressure you, then try spending time with them around non-meal time.   Go on walk together at the park.  Hang out and talk over afternoon tea.  Go window shopping and get some steps in at the same time.  Look for alternatives to going out for lunch or drinks.  When they see how great you look and feel, they may even ask you for advice!

3. Food Guilt is Real

During the weight loss journey, there will be times when you cheat.  I am extremely guilty of this. My moment of weakness often involves Domino’s pizza and that damn cookie brownie.  Cheat meals are a healthy way to balance out the junk food cravings with a relatively healthy lifestyle. 

There will be days when a cheat meal turns into a cheat day or even a cheat week.  Instead of beating yourself up and feeling ashamed and “worthless”, realize you are human and to learn to forgive yourself.

When I am having a bad day, I tend to emotional eat, usually involving pizza and red wine. Then the food guilt kicks in and I start the to shame myself for not having more self control. I’m telling you, that food guilt is real.

Learn to be compassionate to yourself and love yourself. Love everything including the love handles, the tubby (but cute) belly and everything in between. The first step to healing your body, as well as your mind, is to be kind to YOU, extra pounds and all.

Love yourself and be kind to your body

4. Loose skin after Weight Loss

When a person holds on to extra weight, the skin expands to make room for the growth. An example is when a woman is pregnant. If you have been holding extra weight for years, the skin has been stretched out for a long time and may have difficulty retracting fully. Additionally as we age, the skin loses elasticity and collagen, which also contributes to looser skin. So what can you do about it? Start by eating more foods with antioxidants and add in a collagen supplement to support healthy skin. Firming creams may have a temporary effect. For people who have alot of extra skin, medical skin treatments such as radio frequency or body contouring may give you longer lasting results. Surgically removing the excess skin is the last resort.

5.  You will learn there are no short cuts … It is a life style change.

Everyone wants a quick fix, but you will have an “ah ha” moment during your weight loss journey where you realize there are no quick fixes.  It is truly a lifestyle change, and even when you hit your ideal weight, you have to work at it in order to maintain it.  The good news is, when you do make the lifestyle change, not only do you look better, you also feel better too.  The benefits of eating clean and healthy changes all aspects of your life.  You will have more energy to do the things you love to do.  You feel stronger, lighter and ready to take on the world.  Your skin, hair and nails will look amazing because you are taking care of your body by eating real foods that are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.  The best part is, it’s really easy once you learn how to make healthy food choices. 

The Silver Lining – You will Start Enjoying Your Workouts.

Seriously. When you first start your weight loss journey, you are carrying extra weight which is harder on you joints.  If you haven’t been active, your endurance is also limited, and your lungs may burn more than someone who is at a healthier weight.  Once you begin working out consistently, your body will adapt, lean muscles will develop, and endurance will improve.  What was physically challenging will be come easy.  You will feel light, be stronger, and begin to enjoy the physical challenge. As you pass each milestone, such as being able to do real pushups, you will have a more confidence in yourself, have a closer relationship with your body and feel amazing.  The post workout endorphins will also give you a feeling of happiness and a sense of accomplishment.

Eat Healthier When Traveling

Eat Healthier When Traveling

Is it possible to eat healthy while you are traveling?  There is always a new restaurant to try, tasty appetizers to share, fun conversations followed by a drink or two (or three!).   It’s almost impossible to resist taking an extra bite of that tasty meal, event though your stomach is about to explode.  And when the waiter brings out the dessert tray, you think, #yolo. Well, after a few months of trial and error, the answer is yes, you can eat healthy while you travel, but it will require you to make a few changes and rethink what a typical “meal” should look like.

I will confess, there was a time when I first started traveling where I was eating breakfast tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner (I know, absolutely tragic). It turns out that finding “the green” stuff has become even more challenging. There’s not a lot of really great selections at airports, and even less selections at gas stations. After about 2 months of traveling, I noticed that I gained a little bit of weight around my stomach.  Part of the reason was because my exercise level also dropped down significantly during this time.  Before when I worked from home, I was working out 4 to 5 days a week.  In my typical travel day now, I am lucky to even walk a mile or two because of my new lifestyle.  What’s even more scary is that I’m probably sitting 95% of the time in my day.  According to an article from the Mayo Clinic, “Too much sitting also seems to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.”  Yikes.

Since 80% of physical health starts with the types of foods consumed, I started tweeking my eating habits.  I had to how figure out how to find healthy meals without having to cook or meal plan.  Since I’m eating about 90% of my meals each week while travelling, looking for healthy options was an active challenge.  I knew I was missing many nutrients which I use to get when I cooked, such as Omega-3’s, which I use to get from consuming seafoods like salmon and mackerel.  While I am not a huge fan of relying on supplemental vitamins, sometimes you have to do what you have to do to, especially when your only options are fried chicken or gas station pizza.  Clearly, the best form of nutrition is through the whole food itself, but if you don’t have time or do not have the selection of food readily available, I recommend using supplements.

I started adding an omega 3 supplement, algae (which you can also get from seaweed), collagen (which has a plethora of benefits including cardiovascular health AND healthier nails and hair) and royal jelly (boosting immune system and a helps with ton of other chronic ailments). If you look at my travel bag, you would laugh. I look like a pill lady.  I carry this zip lock bag of pills.  I am waiting from the day TSA pulls me aside to ask me about my “drug problem”.

Looking at my old eating habits, I used to eat only 15 to 20% of my total calories as carbohydrates.  My new diet while travelling consisted of breakfast tacos and sandwiches, closer to 40% carbohydrates.  And most of the carbs were refined carbs and bread.  Obviously the tacos had to go.  Instead of a breakfast taco or sandwich in the morning, I now have a salad for breakfast.  Now, it may seem weird eating a salad first thing in the morning, especially when it is 5:30-6 o’clock in the morning and everyone else is having a breakfast taco at the airport.  However, when you look at the components of a Cobb salad you’ll notice it has is the same types of foods you would normally get from breakfast:  Hard boiled eggs, bacon, avocado (healthy fats essential to our overall well-being), and healthy green vegetables. This is a wonderful low-carbohydrate breakfast option.  On days where I need a little extra substance, I will have a banana or apple as well.  The morning cup of coffee, which is absolutely critical to my well-being, is part of my morning meal.

For lunch, I started off by swapping the wrap or sandwich for foods with more fiber and healthy fats.  On days where I can find  salmon or some kind of seafood with a lot of omega 3’s, I’ll skip the omega 3 supplements.  If I’m really craving carbs, I’ll have a very small serving of potatoes, sweet potatoes, or black beans usually two or three tablespoons.  If they have avocados, it is definitely on my plate.  The rest of the plate consists of steamed vegetables or a salad.

I stopped snacking because I really didn’t need the extra calories, since my activity levels have decreased substantially.  If I’m really craving something sweet, I’ll dig in to my bag and grab an  an organic apple, or an orange, which travels quite well.   As much as I like bananas, I quickly realized they do not travel well (hello banana scented iPad case!)

Dinner is probably one of the easiest meals for me. Almost every place will have a seafood or chicken option.  The easiest thing to do is to substitute out any carbohydrates with a double serving of steamed vegetables.  Get dressing on the side with salads and have the sauce from any entree on the side as well.  This gives you the flexibility to add as much or as little as you want.  I often find restaurants tend to drown the salad in dressing.  A hardy salad with steak or salmon on top is a favorite of mine.  Avoid temptation by having the bread bowl removed from the table.  A squeeze of lime or lemon gives an extra flavor boost as well as add in some antioxidants and vitamin C.  I try to eat dinner earlier, around 5:30-6:30 if possible, because if you eat too late, it’s harder for you to digest.

Instead of carbs, I now add in more healthy fats, such as coconut oil, avocado, and even bacon.  The healthy fats keep me energized.  Since I’ve been on this new regiment, I have lost inches off my waist line with no exercise and very limited activity.  People have noticed that I am visibly slimmer and it has given me a lot of energy.

Funny thing is now, the other day, I had a cake ball in my moment of weakness and immediately I could feel the sugar crash.  I also felt sick to my stomach after about 10 minutes because my body is not used to all of this heavy, refined, processed foods anymore.  Bad foods definitely affects how you feel.  Despite having only 2-4 hours of sleep on a week day,  I still have lots of energy and am in good shape.  Obviously, sleep is important and it is something I’m going to start incorporating more it into my day to day routine, but I wanted to share this just to give you an idea of what a healthy day while traveling can look like. If you have any questions or if you are looking to know how you can get some ideas for healthy meals on the road that you can easily purchased, feel free to drop me a line and a comment.

Thanks, and make it a healthy day.

Easy Avocado Toast And Egg Breakfast

Easy Avocado Toast And Egg Breakfast

 Breakfast is one of my favorite meals because it is easy to make, and most important meal of the day. Starting the day off right gives me the energy to going as well as gives me the will power to ward off junk food. I love making avocado toast. It is such an easy dish to make and has such a beautiful presentation. Plus, everybody I have ever made it for loves it.
Ingredients: 1 servings
12-15 minutes
1/2 avocado
1 egg
1/3 cup of mushrooms, sliced
1/4 cup greens like spring mix or micro greens
1-2 slices of sourdough bread
2 tablespoon butter
Salt and pepper to taste
Heat up the pan with 1 tbsp butter and fry the egg while you toast the bread. Slice the avocado. Put the toasted bread on the plate and covered with avocado slices. Put the egg on top of the avocado or if you are using two pieces of bread, put the egg on the other piece of bread. Add the other tablespoon of butter in the pan with the mushrooms and sauté from 4-6 minutes until cooked. Garnish to plate with greens and mushrooms and add salt and pepper to taste.
What are some additional ingredients you like to add into your avocado toast? I love trying new things!

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Healthy Energy Drinks Homemade

Healthy Energy Drinks Homemade

Why spend $4 on energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster when you can make your healthy energy drinks HOMEMADE own for pennies?  In this video, Allison Ramsey, a Natural Health Practitioner, shares with us her favorite DIY Homemade Natural Energy Drink Recipe.

Besides, these natural ingredients also help cleanse your system and detoxes while giving you a boost of energy.

The primary ingredients in this homemade energy drink is turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper.

Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb.  Turmeric is also a natural anti-inflammatory and have tons of antioxidants.  It also helps gives you a boost of energy without the typical energy drink crash.

Ginger is used in China for over 2,000 years.  It also gives you a boost of energy and also helps with nausea and motion sickness.

Cayenne Pepper helps boost your metabolism and helps burn excess amounts of fats.  It also helps soothes an upset stomach, sore throat, and well as has potential cancer fighting properties.

So in addition to getting tons of energy, this DIY Homemade Natural Energy Drink will also give you tons of health benefits as well!

Add a touch of honey or Stevia for taste.

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Shout out to Allison from https://www.gonaturalistic.com/

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Why You Should Not Calorie Count

Why You Should Not Calorie Count

To count or not to count… that is the question.  I firmly believe If you are trying to lose weight, you should not calorie count because it could could be hurting your weight loss progress. With all the fitness bands out there like Fitbit and apps like Myfitnesspal, calorie counting is very popular. But just because it is popular doesn’t mean it is helpful towards your weight loss journey.

I recently tested out Myfitnesspal, after hearing many of my clients using it. Here is what happened…

I WAS OBSESSED WITH COUNTING CALORIES AND FOOD! All I could think about was what I ate, how many calories it had, what I can eat next, and how soon until my next meal. Food became an obsession. I was stressed over what I can eat and couldn’t eat. Because I couldn’t eat certain foods (because they were too high in calories), I started thinking about it, and stressing over it… and of course, stress leads to binge eating. Needless to say, counting calories did NOT help me lose weight. It took dieting to a whole new level … I became OCD with food. I thought about

After 4 days, I came to my senses and deleted the app. Here’s what I learned.

1) Calorie counters are great to teach you the calories of certain foods that you didn’t think had much calories… fyi, red wine has about 100 calories in a 4 oz pour. Who knew??

2) Calorie Counters help you understand what proper portion sizes are, since you have to track portion sizes along with logging the actual foods.

3) If you have a tendency to be obsessive, STAY AWAY FROM CALORIE COUNTERS. It will cause you to have more cravings, since you are constantly thinking about food.

If you can use a calorie counter and not obsessive over food, fantastic! If you are like me, here is a great alternative. Use a food diary instead and write down your meals. It causes you to stay accountable without going overboard. Writing it down and reviewing it daily gives you an idea what you are eating. I recommend writing down the emotion you are feeling before and after eating. This will help you figure out why you are eating certain types of foods (sweets, salty…etc) and if you are truly hungry, bored, or if you are eating because of a particular emotion. For most of us, eating is caused by an emotion, filling a void or using it as a reward to make us feel better. Aim to use other ways to reward yourself instead of food. It could be a relaxing walk with friends, taking a long bath, or reading a good book. Developing healthy habits is the key to successful weight loss.

What are you thoughts on calorie counters? Have they helped you or hurt you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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