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I’m Annie and welcome to Healthy Living Junkie. I created this site because I wanted to be able to help more people live a happier, healthier lifestyle.  Before I started van life, I was working in healthcare while freelancing as a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer.  Meal prepping and going to the gym was part of my weekly routine.  Then I decided to give vanlife a try.  Although I have always preferred making meals that take under 20 minutes, living in a van changed everything, including the way I cooked.  With only a small fridge and freezer combo, I didn’t have space to store a week’s worth of meals.  The only thing I had space in the freezer for was the cat’s raw cat food, which I did prep and make from scratch!  In order to stay healthy, I’ve had to learn to simplify my life.  Cooking with only a single burner camper stove, I’ve come up with creative ways to make tasty healthy meals in under 12 minutes using only one pot!  The way I see it, it’s less dishes to wash.  =)

Annie in her former life

After deciding to travel around North America with my 2 dogs and 4 cats living Vanlife in a converted 2016 Ford 250Transit Hightop Van, my world was turned upside down.  One of my life long dreams was to take a long trip but I’ve always felt guilty leaving the pets behind.  In fact, the longest trip I’ve ever taken was 4 weeks and the whole time I was emailing the pet sitter just to “check in” and make sure everything was okay.  Living vanlife and being able to travel with the pets has been a really great experience, complete with every kind of chaos you can think of.  Vanlife with 6 furry little roommates makes for a very interesting time.


 Being a city girl, before vanlife, I had always spent most of my time indoors.  Often times, I would have dull headaches for days, not knowing why.  Traveling while living vanlife, obviously all that changed.  When I travel in the van, I spend most of my time in remote areas in nature, breathing in the fresh air.  The headaches went away. I realized taking care of my body meant more than just eating healthy and working out; it is an entire lifestyle change. This meant eliminating all chemicals from my life.  Improving air quality, using chemical free household cleaners and toiletries had made a huge impact on the way I feel.  Even my pets have transformed in this new healthy living lifestyle. All the cats have lost weight and are now more active than ever, since I started making home made raw cat food. The husky, who had suffered from chronic seizures, has been seizure free since her new raw feedings. Every one of us is healthier now than we have ever been.


My goal with Healthy Living Junkie is to help make it easier to live a healthier, green and sustainable lifestyle.   Making small changes over time can have a huge impact on your health and your overall happiness. And best of all, looking great is the bonus!


My door (or email) is always open so feel free to reach out to me at and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions for you.


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Helen Keller

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