Fun Exercise Ideas:  Paddle in the City

Fun Exercise Ideas: Paddle in the City

Hi Healthy Living Junkies!  Want some fun exercise ideas, all while having fun in the great outdoors? Try Paddle in the City:  Urban Paddling, a fun outdoor activity which is essentially kayaking or canoeing in the city. Whether your goal is to train for a white water kayaking adventure, brave the open sea, or simply to have fun working out and changing your fitness routine, all while getting your heart rate up, paddling is for you.


fun new way to exercise

Canoe in city


It is a great aerobic exercise, all while strengthening your core including, back and stomach, in addition to create tone in your arms.   Urban paddling is great for getting your upper body in shape for tank top and swimsuit season.  It is also a great way to enjoy way to see the city from another perspective. It is a perfect way to enjoy a beautiful afternoon with friends, family, or by yourself.



Tone upper body by Paddling


If you don’t live by any bodies of water but want to try paddling, try doing it next time you are on vacation.  Check out the following cities, ranked by National Geographic as the best cities to kayak or canoe.


1.  Chattanooga, Tennessee

2.  Ann Arbor, Michigan

3.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4.  Chicago, Illinois

5.  Boston, Massachusetts

6.  Austin, Texas


Canoe in the City

Canoe in the City


Whether you are looking to try a new competitive sport or just have fun, urban paddling is a great way to change up your workout and fitness routine and add some outdoor excitement to your regular routine.


What are your favorite fun exercise ideas?  Share with our community and leave comments below.  =)


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