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Every once in a while, even a fitness girl needs lose the workout clothes and dress up.  The best way to dress up the eyes is with a coat of mascara.  As we all know, finding the right mascara that doesn’t run or smear can be a challenge. Here is a video on my all time favorite mascara. The winner of the Best Mascara Review may surprise you.  If eyes are the window to the soul, then mascara are the curtains… or something like that.

Products reviewed:

Maybelline Great Lashes: $5 from the drug store. It is just like department store brands, but at a fraction of the price.

Maybelline Great Lashes Waterproof: Great product but hard to build volume. I have a trick to build volume in the video.

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara (green tube): Didn’t really like this product b/c it dried out too fast.

Almay Get Up & Grow (white tube): I liked the consistency, but didn’t really see a big difference in my eyelash length.


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Being healthy & living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring! Annie is Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer who loves all things fitness and healthy living related. Helping individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies to reach their health goals is what she does best. As a Healthy Living Junkie herself, she is committed to creating a healthy living community for people who want to stay fit, eat well, all while having a great time. ❤ When she is not working with clients or writing, she loves traveling & spending time with her pets.

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