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Being healthy & living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring! Annie is Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer who loves all things fitness and healthy living related. Helping individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies to reach their health goals is what she does best. As a Healthy Living Junkie herself, she is committed to creating a healthy living community for people who want to stay fit, eat well, all while having a great time. ❤ When she is not working with clients or writing, she loves traveling & spending time with her pets.

Why Checking Email Hurts Creativity

smart phone

Are you addicted to your email? According to IDC Research, 80% of smartphone users check their mobile devices within 15 minutes of waking up each morning. I guess that makes me extra ambitious, since I check it the moment I wake up. The problem with checking email first thing in the morning is it clutters your brain with things that may appear urgent, but are not truly important….

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Make the Most of Each Day

sun rise

Each morning we wake up and we are faced with a new day.  In order to make the most of each day, you have to stop holding on to the issues that are holding us back.  It could be hurt

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Healthy Energy Drinks Homemade

natural energy drink

Why spend $4 on energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster when you can make your healthy energy drinks HOMEMADE own for pennies?  In this video, Allison Ramsey, a Natural Health Practitioner, shares with us her favorite DIY Homemade Natural

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Dangers of Waist Training

Kim Kardashian do it.  Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi do it.  But should you do it?  No, we are not talking about making a sex video.  We are talking about waist training.   There’s alot of people waist training but does it

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Why You Should Not Calorie Count

calorie count

Should you calorie count? If you are trying to lose weight, counting calories could could be hurting your weight loss progress. With all the fitness bands out there like Fitbit and apps like Myfitnesspal, calorie counting is very popular. But

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